Transform Your Dining Room With Polyurethane Crown Moldings

polyurethane crown moldingsYou don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to transform your home. With some good ideas and basic materials, you can alter the look of your dining room for under a few hundred dollars. Even better, you can do all the work yourself in just a weekend. Read on to learn the top three easy ways that you can dramatically change the look of your dining room in just hours.

Paint One Wall A Bold Color

Add drama to your dining room by painting one wall in a bold, vibrant color. Think a rich red, bold orange, or stop in your tracks turquoise. You don’t have to paint the entire dining room in that color. In fact, painting all the walls in a bold color will be overpowering and make the room look smaller.

When you stick to just one color, you make a dramatic statement without overpowering your room and making it too intense. Best of all, paint is cheap and you can complete the project in just a few hours. Paining is by far the easiest home improvement you can make.

Add Detail With Polyurethane Crown Moldings

Polyurethane crown moldings are the newest player on the dramatic home improvement front. These moldings are easy to install and very lightweight. They come in plenty of patterns and they look dramatic. Think Downton Abbey or Paris chic.

online wallpaper borders saleThe moldings come pre primed, so all you have to do is cut them to fit, adhere them, and paint. Your dining room will look like a million bucks when you add some affordable architectural detail. The moldings are easy to order online and if you shop around you can get a great deal on them. Once the moldings are installed, they look just like real wood and they make a powerful first impression.

Complete The Look With Window Treatments

Now that you have painted and added crown moldings, all you need to do is finish off the windows with ornate metal curtain rods and some faux silk drapes in a complementary color. The rods and curtains are affordable and they will finish your dining room off right.

Your dining room doesn’t have to be boring if you follow these tips. In just one weekend you will make some powerful changes that will make your dining room a better place to be. Make a statement today.


Using Black & White Wallpaper For Home Decoration

black & white wallpaperWhen you decide to redecorate your home or office, you will want to pick a theme that is timeless, classy and catered to your specific preferences. Black and white designs are ideal for re-designing any room. There is never a time when black and white decor is outdated or non-trendy. While items like black & white wallpaper sound simple, they can make a room look very unique, polished and modern.

One great benefit of black and white wallpaper is that it will match a wide variety of decor. You can choose neutral decor in shades of grey to blend in. You can also use bright, bold colors to contrast perfectly with the simple wallpaper. Both vintage and modern decor will mesh well with black and white wallpaper, too. The options are virtually endless, so you can get the look you desire.

online wallpaper borders sale
Black and white wallpaper comes in a huge variety of patterns that will surely suit your unique taste and interests. For a simple, polished look, opt for striped wallpaper in these colors. For children’s bedroom designs, consider polka dot wallpaper featuring various sized dots. You can even mix and match wallpaper to have an accent wall in the room you are redecorating.

There are many options when it comes to purchasing black & white wallpaper, and you will find the most options when shopping online. Online retailers can provide an abundance of product at competitive prices. Retailers often want to stand out among other online retailers, so they to make their prices very attractive to buyers. This makes it easy to find the designs you want for a very affordable rate.

Overall, you can get any look you want with black and white wallpaper. It is timeless and stylish and easy to mix and match, so your specific needs will be met.

Buying Designers Wallpaper For Your Dream House

Floral-Wallpaper If you are looking for designers wallpaper you want to be sure that you are getting the right product so you can be satisfied with your purchase. When you are looking at products for your home you want each and every piece of the decorating to look absolutely spot on correct, including your wallpaper.

In fact, wallpaper and carpet choices are two of the most important considerations when you are decorating a room. Both of these are considerable undertakings that dramatically impact how the room appears. Unlike some other things, such as light fixtures, you are not able to easily replace things like your wallpaper.

The designers wallpaper tend to cost more money than some of the other options that you are looking at in your explorations. There are a few different reasons for this, one of which is the designs themselves. When you are buying this type of wallpaper, the design that appears on each panel was created by a team of artists who understand and appreciate the little details that can make all the difference in how the wallpaper will look in a room.

If you are going to want wallpaper that coordinates with others in the room, going for quality is a must. This will ensure that the colors and designs match exactly, something you may not get with a product of lesser quality. This is a great thing if you are wanting to accent some of the walls differently than others.

When you are decorating with stylish papers like this, you will also know that you are buying wallpaper that is constructed with the best materials on the market. After all, when you are working on your home you want the best that money can possibly buy. It is one of the biggest investments that you will ever make, probably even the biggest. Make sure to do everything you can to maximize that investment.

designers wallpaperOwning a home requires keeping it updated and looking modern. You should consider the various types of wallpaper options that you have and select one or ones that will meet your needs. Once you do and begin the installation process, you will be pleased that you did. After it is completed, you will certainly wonder why you hesitated so long to make the choice to update your home. You will appreciate the comfort and luxury that you feel in it now.

Adding Character With Decorative Crown Moldings

crown moldingsThose searching for a new place to call home must perform a delicate balancing act when it comes to chossing among conflicting priorities. There are some who lean strongly in the direction of new construction, for a number of reasons. Modern floor plans, fresh design and fully functional electrical and plumbing systems are a draw to many. However, others bemoan the notable lack of character many new builds have to offer. Decorative crown moldings can help bridge the gap between these competing interests.

When a brand new house makes the most sense, but the lack of historic character remains problematic, serious consideration should be given to installing decorative crown moldings. Now that innumerable styles, sizes and products are available on the market, bringing some impressive design flair to even the plainest of rooms is easier than ever. Even more exciting to many is the fact that moldings of this type can be had an extremely affordable prices.

Interior designers the world over have long turned to crown moldings as a means to bring visual interest and definiton to rooms that might otherwise appear dull and drab. The boxy, white rooms so typical of new construction homes can almost always benefit from the injection of history and character moldings bring. What was once a space that lacked personality and a sense of gravity is easily transfomable to something remarkable.

decorative crown moldingsTo begin the process of adding crown molding to a blank canvas type of room, carefully consider the style of the house itself as well as the unique tastes and esthetic sensibilities of those who will live there. Next, explore some of the many molding resources available, whether they be conventional brick-and-mortar merchants or online home improvement suppliers. In the end, adding crown molding is a sure way to make a borning room look truly stunning.

Crown Molding Installation Without Struggle

crown moldingCrown molding commonly referred to as cornice is one of the most essential architectural accent that is used to give details of an interior space. Present day interior designers can confirm that crown molding can improve the appearance of virtually every room. Through this activity, the wall to ceiling transition is smoothened and its importance is evident with ultimate definition of what the architectural style of a room should be like. This is an architectural style that can also be used to finish fireplaces, built-ins and cabinets.

The look and appearance of your room can be enhanced with crowd molding which is very easy to install. However, for larger and more complex moldings, the installation process requires extra caution for pin point accuracy when matching the patterns at corners and joints. Smaller moldings can be used to build up a large molding. Through this process, moldings can be customized so as to meet your needs and requirements. Many people consider crown molding installation a very difficult task. However, with adherence to all the procedural requirements, a possible nightmare can be turned into a very simple task. When attempting such an installation activity, it is important to maintain utmost safety measures such as the use of eye and hearing protection.

One procedural requirement for the installation process is planning. This is a part is mostly neglected. Planning is what gives the difference between a quick, efficient installation and a series of frustrations and countless interruptions in the installation process. Planning involves selection of the right molding sizes and styles. In the planning stage, you can settle on some of the best molding patterns to use. After successful planning, the installation materials must then be ordered. Your order should not only entail the molding materials but also work tools such as fasteners, adhesives and other supplies that might be necessary. Make sure that you order all the materials at the same moment.


After ordering, it is time to assemble all your ordered items. The assembly stage is important since it helps you verify the availability of all the necessary tools. If some equipment is missing, this is the right time to place an order for it. Ensure that the molding has no damages since they can get worse during installation.

Once all that has been done, the installation process can commence. Choose which part of the room to begin with and then the other parts follow.

Tips For Choosing Ceiling Medallions For Your Home

How To Install Crown MoldingCeiling medallions can transform a plain, ordinary light fixture into something extraordinary. Typically circular, these medallions often feature ornate designs such as scroll work or raised flowers. They also come in a variety of different finishes ranging from antique metal to paintable plaster.

When used correctly, medallions can add drama and elegance to your home, giving your decor a high-end look without having to spend a fortune. If you are thinking about adding ceiling medallions to your home, here are some tips for choosing the right ones:


The size of the medallion is every bit as important as the design. A medallion that is too small for a particular room can look weak and underwhelming, while one that is too big can overpower the space. A good rule of thumb is to choose a medallion with a width that is no more than 15% of the overall size of the room. An easy way to calculate this figure is by multiplying the square footage of the room by .15.  The resulting number is the maximum diameter of medallion you should use in inches.


The overall style and design of the medallion should work well with the style of your home. For instance, you shouldn’t choose classic ornate medallion if your home is simple and modern, and vice versa.



Another important consideration when choosing medallions for your home is the material that they are made from. You can match the material to the light fixture itself, or match the medallion to your ceiling. For instance, you may want to choose an antique bronze medallion for a chandelier made from the same material. Alternatively, you may want to choose a plaster medallion and paint it to match your ceiling.

Ceiling medallions can instantly dress up your light fixtures, making them look much more expensive and high-end than they really are. By considering scale, design and material, you can choose the perfect medallions for your space.