Transform Your Dining Room With Polyurethane Crown Moldings

polyurethane crown moldingsYou don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to transform your home. With some good ideas and basic materials, you can alter the look of your dining room for under a few hundred dollars. Even better, you can do all the work yourself in just a weekend. Read on to learn the top three easy ways that you can dramatically change the look of your dining room in just hours.

Paint One Wall A Bold Color

Add drama to your dining room by painting one wall in a bold, vibrant color. Think a rich red, bold orange, or stop in your tracks turquoise. You don’t have to paint the entire dining room in that color. In fact, painting all the walls in a bold color will be overpowering and make the room look smaller.

When you stick to just one color, you make a dramatic statement without overpowering your room and making it too intense. Best of all, paint is cheap and you can complete the project in just a few hours. Paining is by far the easiest home improvement you can make.

Add Detail With Polyurethane Crown Moldings

Polyurethane crown moldings are the newest player on the dramatic home improvement front. These moldings are easy to install and very lightweight. They come in plenty of patterns and they look dramatic. Think Downton Abbey or Paris chic.

online wallpaper borders saleThe moldings come pre primed, so all you have to do is cut them to fit, adhere them, and paint. Your dining room will look like a million bucks when you add some affordable architectural detail. The moldings are easy to order online and if you shop around you can get a great deal on them. Once the moldings are installed, they look just like real wood and they make a powerful first impression.

Complete The Look With Window Treatments

Now that you have painted and added crown moldings, all you need to do is finish off the windows with ornate metal curtain rods and some faux silk drapes in a complementary color. The rods and curtains are affordable and they will finish your dining room off right.

Your dining room doesn’t have to be boring if you follow these tips. In just one weekend you will make some powerful changes that will make your dining room a better place to be. Make a statement today.


Adding Character With Decorative Crown Moldings

crown moldingsThose searching for a new place to call home must perform a delicate balancing act when it comes to chossing among conflicting priorities. There are some who lean strongly in the direction of new construction, for a number of reasons. Modern floor plans, fresh design and fully functional electrical and plumbing systems are a draw to many. However, others bemoan the notable lack of character many new builds have to offer. Decorative crown moldings can help bridge the gap between these competing interests.

When a brand new house makes the most sense, but the lack of historic character remains problematic, serious consideration should be given to installing decorative crown moldings. Now that innumerable styles, sizes and products are available on the market, bringing some impressive design flair to even the plainest of rooms is easier than ever. Even more exciting to many is the fact that moldings of this type can be had an extremely affordable prices.

Interior designers the world over have long turned to crown moldings as a means to bring visual interest and definiton to rooms that might otherwise appear dull and drab. The boxy, white rooms so typical of new construction homes can almost always benefit from the injection of history and character moldings bring. What was once a space that lacked personality and a sense of gravity is easily transfomable to something remarkable.

decorative crown moldingsTo begin the process of adding crown molding to a blank canvas type of room, carefully consider the style of the house itself as well as the unique tastes and esthetic sensibilities of those who will live there. Next, explore some of the many molding resources available, whether they be conventional brick-and-mortar merchants or online home improvement suppliers. In the end, adding crown molding is a sure way to make a borning room look truly stunning.